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Amanda & Annie

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Amanda Jones & Annie Selke

Annie Selke has been a friend and an inspiration to me for many years. For those of you who might not know her, Annie is the force behind the brands Pine Cone Hill, Dash and Albert and recently, Annie Selke. She is a huge dog lover and that's where our worlds overlap!

Annie has long featured dogs in her companies' promotional materials and branding. Her rug company, Dash and Albert, is named after two of her dogs. I have had the good fortune to have photographed for her companies and for her personally on numerous occasions. She enjoys a good dog photoshoot and is always up for the energy they take! The above video will give you a glimpse into that world... we photographed her basset hound puppies, Googy and Impy when they were just a few months old.

Recently Annie has launched a line of dog products: 'The Well Appointed Pet', that includes grooming products, dog beds, collars, leashes and very cute bandanas. We were asked to create some of the signature images for the launch. Here are a few behind the scenes images from that shoot:

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Here are some of the images they used in the promotion of the new line:

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We look forward to future collaborations. You can see her new dog products at!