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    Dog Years

    Chronicle Books | August 2015

    Dog Years is a heartwarming look at the lives and stories of 30 dogs. By presenting portraits of each dog as a puppy and again as an older dog, the photographer reveals the unique spark of personality that lasts a lifetime. These beautiful images of breeds ranging from Golden Retrievers and Great Danes to Pugs and French Bulldogs are accompanied by reflections from loved ones on the lives they share with their furry companions. The result is a celebration of each dog and a tribute to the relationships we share with our four-legged friends.

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    Chronicle Books | April 2017

    Dogs are in their natural element when they are playing outdoors. Amanda captures this unbridled joy perfectly in her latest collection of photographs. Set against the backdrop of four distinct seasons—each with its own color palette and lush backdrops—these dogs are clearly having their favorite days in their favorite places. This handsome book showcases the energy and character of a diverse group of dogs as they run, jump, and play outdoors all year long.

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    A Breed Apart

    Random House | March 2007

    In spite of their strange names and unlikely lineage, the new American mutt is suddenly the dog of the moment. Amanda captures their quirky appeal in A Breed Apart—a collection of stunning black-and-white portraits of these wildly popular and uniquely blended dogs.

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    Dachshunds Short and Long

    Berkley | October 2009

    Lively duotone photographs reveal the spirit and appeal of the dachshund, celebrating the affectionate personality, courage, and entertaining character of these popular little dogs. Ideal for all dog-lovers, the text covers standard, mini, smooth, longhaired and wirehaired.

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    Frenchie Kisses

    Berkley | January 2005

    With their prominent jowls and furrowed brows, French Bulldogs may look a little like Winston Churchill. But when a Frenchie raises his broad, sweet face for a kiss, you know you've never seen a more appealing sight.

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    Greyhounds Big and Small

    Berkley | April 2004

    Be they Iggies (Italian Greyhounds) or Greyts (Greyhounds), these elegant dogs have been the subjects of artists' gazes for more than two thousand years. Sleek and slim, they've got the looks and bearing of supermodels-yet all it takes is a lopsided grin, a poke of the nose, or a whimsical head tilt to make you realize they are playful clowns at heart.